Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forgot The Title

It was tough, but I watched Dancing With The Stars. Tough because I did not feel good these last few days. Thank goodness for TiVo. So about the dancing night:
  • OMG - Flatley in a suit! That was awesome. Tom even made a joke about him deigning to wear a shirt for the evening - he was the guest judge and he was a generous one.
  • What was Lacey wearing around her ankles?
  • I was glad to see Susan finally speed up her steps
  • Brooke wasn't as bad as the tow regular judges sugested she was, but she didn't have a lot of hip action, and that is what the rumba is all about - seemed like Michael Flatley liked it though
  • Kym had a weird outfit, were those curtains hanging from her skirt?
  • Cloris, oooooh my gosh - so funny but I have to agree with Carrie-Ann - we gave up Toni Braxton for this?
  • Seems that one of Michael's favorite words is "intoxicating"
  • hip hop is totally a young person's dance. It was wise to get 'Clorky' out of the way but also Susan looked very lost

The results show was less exciting than I expected. I make fun of Michael Flatley and his shows, "Lord of the Dance," "Feet of Flames," etc. but he can usually be counted on to give a splashy show. He did not deliver. Maybe I've been spoiled by other tap dancers, maybe it just wasn't that good a routine, I don't know. Also, the Pussycat Dolls? Not my speed. Eh. And it was time for Cloris to go home, so yay for that.

This is me, reporting on the week's dancing.

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