Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In Short

There are still SO many dancers on the show it's overwhelming just to watch, let alone comment on EVERY SINGLE ONE. Plus there are others doing that very thing. So I made an executive decision - it was a short meeting, small committee - and these are the highlights from both dance night and results night according to Jane.
  • A moot point after last night's elimination, but Mark Ballas needs to rein it in a little bit. He was over dancing so much it made Kim look like she wasn't doing anything at all.
  • "Xena, the Warrior Princess?" Bruno I am so disappointed in you. You have made up such better metaphors than that.
  • But on a related note, it seems that someone, a couple someones in fact, is taking a page out of Mel B's wardrobe book and working the black pleather outfit for the paso doble.
  • Another related note, why did Kim and Warren get mood lighting for their dance? Everyone else dances on a fully lit floor. Why are these two so special? Though I loved the Matrix-esque theme.
  • And speaking of wardrobe, Julianne almost tripped on her, apron?, at least five times during their rumba. One would think they'd consider these things when designing costumes.
  • And maybe it's because I have seen all the seasons and watched a lot of interviews but does it seem like they all talk in cliches? It's all, "step up our game," "kick it up a notch," "bring our "A" game," "bring it" and "we're just having fun." Think of another phrase peeps.

This is me, summing it up shorter.

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Rocketgirl said...

I'm just glad the Kim chick is off. She really drives me the crazy - like when he looks at you she's thinking "Why yes, I AM the most attractive woman alive and I AM aware that every creature either has had me or wants me." Honestly, except for that sex tape and the reality show - she doesn't belong with oscar winners.
Good golly, what side of the bed did I get up on this morning? What a meanie I am!

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