Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halfway Through The Season

Perhaps because there were so many contestants to begin with, it still seems like there are a lot of people for this season of Dancing With The Stars to be half over. And maybe it's just that I am not as excited as I once was. Do I know why? If it's not the judges sniping at each other, making up alliterative descriptions, or the fact I can't vote Sam off the show, or the same cliches about "bringing it", then I am just not sure what it could be.
Still, there are a few comments I could make about this week:
  • Why do the judges not criticize Julianne for overshadowing her partner? Because she totally does.
  • Kym had a LOT of fringe on her outfit.
  • Derek looks very much like a girl with those hats on, and OMG did you see his hair? That must have been a whole lotta product to get it to stay like that.
  • Cody's jitterbug seemed a little frantic? I mean it's a fast dance and very exaggerated true, but really?
  • All the judges seemed REALLY grouchy at the start.
  • Sam really sucks at the interviewing. Everyone tries to have good sportsmanship, say nice things about their competitors and she just keeps trying to pit them against each other, make them say "fighting words."
  • Carrie-Ann just likes touching all the good looking men.

The results show was not as big as they hyped it to be. The Macy's 150th Anniversary number was elaborate but there wasn't as much dancing as I would have liked and the transitions were poor I felt. The Brian Setzer Orchestra was cool though and the jive by Louis and Karina!? It was like a jive on crack they were moving so fast. It looked like they were on fast forward. Wow. I knew Louis was precise and extreme On another note, are they serious? Michael Flatley is coming to judge? How low has the "Lord of the Dance" sunk to be guesting like this? I feel a little bad for Toni Braxton, getting sent home this week since she started out so well and resorted to tricks because others were. (Peer pressure Toni, not a good thing.) And I've never really felt that Susan Lucci gives it enough power so she could have gone home and I not minded but whatever. There's always next week.

This is me, getting critical in my old age.

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