Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Should Invite Them To My Birthday

In keeping with my new "less is more" policy, this was my take on last night's dancing:
  • Maurice had a good dance, better than the judges thought, but the hair was weird.
  • Julianne's outfit was UG-LAY.
  • "Clorky" is just too funny.
  • Was Lance's HAIR purple too?
  • What was with the narrative song that Brooke danced to?
  • Warren's outfit should have matched Kym's a little more.
  • Carrie-Ann was all crabby and mean - I think she was blinded by the reflective dress she was wearing.
  • Kind of excited for the "new" dances that are coming: hustle - related to swing which isn't danced on this show but whatever, jitterbug - related to the jive, salsa - related to the mambo, west coast swing - related to AWESOME. Especially as we get to see Alec dance it.

If that commentary is a bit short it's only because tonight's show was the BEST RESULTS SHOW EVER! I don't even know where to begin. For example; the campaign messages. SO hysterical. Loved the editing on each one. And then the kids' competition was back - so cute! And so good! Kind of depressing and awe inspiring too. And then - probably the best part of the night - the Chippendales do Riverdance! Well, not really. They're Los Vivancos and they are hot. Supposedly they're related too but I don't know about that. I don't usually get worked up over guys strutting their waxed chests like that, but these boys were good. Apparently it's a signature move of theirs to just take their shirts, vests, coats, whatever off during the dance. I say that's okay by me! This was their performance last night.

This is me, with the eye candy.


Renay said...

I know that the next two bits are NOT in professional Ball Room, but I'd like to see them in our American show because well, duh, welcome to the US.

In many other countries, our national folk dance is assumed to be "Square Dancing" I'd like to see it. Just for the culture, Perhaps formally a part of the 'group dance' it's sort of like that anyway.

The other that baffled me until I looked it up was the lack of the Flamanco. Again a dance style but it's not formal ballroom dance.

I'm a little happier to hear that WC swing and hustle are added. I don't think jitterbug should be on the list, but if Hustle was added, then jitterbug all you want. Why don't they add the dances from the 50/60's (Twist, swim, ect.) But the lines must be somewhere...

Elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Haha, I know when your birthday is now...:)...

...that picture is making me sweat, it is so hot...phew!...

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