Friday, October 17, 2008

Dodge, Parry and Block

::Onesome: Dodge--? in "Get outa'? Okay, so tomorrow is Friday: where would you go to "get out of Dodge" for a day (if you could, that is)?
  • No limits? Like money? Other Side Of The World to see my sister, or Deep South to see Rocketgirl, or The Rockies to see QC. With restrictions? Maybe the beach, or somewhere quiet and green and not blisteringly hot in October.

::Twosome: Parry--? What's your best comeback? ...and yeah, "Oh, yeah?" doesn't count!

  • I guess "Ite-Bay Ee-May" doesn't count either then? (That would be "Bite Me" in pig-latin. Umm, is it pathetic that I just say "Shut up?" I'm so not good with the comebacks. In fact, I try not to get in a situation where I need them just because I am so bad at them. Not a fast thinker on her feet, Jane is.

::Threesome: Block-- Parties: do you have them? Apartment get togethers count too. Oh, heck, even dorm keggers, -eh?

  • Heh, no. The Jungle does not have block parties. Closest we come is fourth of July when all the illegal fireworks are going off from neighboring houses and we all go out in the street to watch or warn them if the police come. And speaking of the police; the station down the block ropes off the street for a weekend to scare the kids of the neighborhood to death near Halloween. Does that count?

This is me, with a less than stellar meme.

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Rocketgirl said...

We're totally not the deep south here - the deep south is still a few hours away since Atlanta is like a mini-New York. Lots of transplants anyway. But every now and then you can find someone with a accent, so that's nice:)

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