Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ode To A Sister-In-Law

I am sure you all know Rocketgirl is my sister-in-law. (Sometimes it's astounding to think she and Tarzan come from the same gene pool and other times it's obvious they couldn't be from different ones.) If you read her blog then you know she has a crazy-cute kid and a super husband. She plays the violin, writes music, is in two bands - each has released a CD - and looks like a rock star. You might also know she's a perfectionist and sometimes stresses over the craziest things.
What you might not know is that she is a truly genuine person. She has no false modesty, but also no delusions of grandeur. She is as honest and as true as any person could be. I don't think she could lie if her life depended on it. To paraphrase a fabulous show; there is no pretense here, she really is that good and giving of herself.

  • She really is that in love with her husband.
  • And her kid.
  • She really does like the color red.
  • She really does care that much for other people.
  • She really is that good at the violin.
  • She really does believe wholeheartedly in a divine plan.
  • She really does trust in her Heavenly Father to look after her.
  • When she is happy for you, she can't not tell others how wonderful you are.
  • If she cries with you or for you, she really does feel your pain.
  • When she laughs, it is with complete abandon and true joy.
  • She really is.

This is me, wishing my sister-in-law a wonderful and


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Rocketgirl said...

HOLY CRAP!!!! See, you (and I ) got a few days without posting sometimes so I get lax at checking your blog... add a busy weekend with gigs and a sick WonderToddler, and it's almost a week after the fact that I read this!?!?!!?! I'm so sorry - and so incredibly touched - thank you thank you thank you!! I'm almost glad I didn't see this before now - because I totally needed it today. LOVE the Wicked reference there, merci;) And I think I COULD lie, but I'd end up caving and telling the person anyway. I've done it tons of times and people end up thinking I'm a totall loon. Well, MORE of a loon anyway. Thank you - I feel so blasted special!!! Love you!!!

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