Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

I think I used every single fancy gadget in my kitchen today.
Tarzan and I had the bright idea to make some fancy food for our New Year's Eve "party." Which is consisting of him and me, a pile of food and USC in the Sun Bowl. (What is with those announcers? They have apparently never called a game on national television before.)
We had the time and shrimp was on sale this week. 50% off regular is a decent price for the little buggers so we decided on Coconut Shrimp:
With Mango Dipping Sauce:
Then, because I found another recipe to try, we made Crab Rangoon:
It is one of Tarzan's favorite childhood foods and we have been looking for a substitute for years. This was close, but not enough cream cheese, I think, or too much everything else.
And to top it off - because I am in the groove with the soup - we had Tom Kah Gai:
Essentially, coconut soup. A little off balance for me. Not sure what to add to fix it next time but Tarzan loves/loved it, so he'll eat all the iterations while I figure out what I am missing.
Final score - USC: 7, and Georgia Tech: 21 (So not my favorite game of the year.)

This is me, stuffed.


Anonymous said...

Great menu.
New Year's Day tradition lives on.
Next year maybe add friends to share your culinary greatness? And ease of favored team's loss?
Sounds like calm & cool fun.

Renay H. Marquez said...

One day, we will return and crash on your floor, the entire 6 of us in one place agan. Perhaps we will need to take a few hotel rooms to do this...But we'll be in on your New Year's Day again...

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