Thursday, December 06, 2012

White Christmas

So, tonight was like the Perfect Storm; but in a good way.
It began a few months ago when ATL got an email about a movie showing. She gets them frequently and sometimes the movies are good - we saw 'How The West Was Won' a while back - and sometimes the movies are epic.
Like tonight.
ATL got tickets for us to go and see 'White Christmas' on the big screen:
Actually, on a big screen on a lawn next to some studio lot. And all the major actors daughters came and spoke for a few minute before the show. Which was very sweet.
The movie was as adorable as always - even Tarzan said it was good - and then at the end, when the snow comes to save the inn, the hosting group had fans turned on and blew fake snow all over the audience. It was also very cute and romantic.
It wasn't soap snow, which I thought was a decent fake alternative, but it looked good. In fact, in this picture ATL took, it looks like a veritable blizzard:
But it was fun and the movie was of course excellent and we made it on time - quite a feat for us making it from our neighborhood to this one in only 40 minutes - and everyone ate (also quite an accomplishment) and it was all twelve kinds of awesome.

This is me and I love this perk of living in The Jungle.

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Master P said...

I am green right now!!! You are so lucky, I love that movie!!

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