Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ring In The New

It's a little bit scary to find out one is a prophetess of sorts. This is my post from the end of 2011 and it's eerily accurate in some ways.
Not so much in the handling-of-my-own-stuff ways, more in the the people didn't change - why-would-I-expect-them-to? - ways and here we are in the same place a whole year later.
I have learned a few things in 2012 and I am serious about making resolutions this time around. Mostly because I came as close as I ever have to keeping a resolution this year. I vowed to drink more water and get as close as I could to the recommended 64 oz. a day.
I did really well up until the fall and then it got cold, I got extra busy, my "sippy" cup got lost and it all fell apart.
This year, I resolve to delegate more and let other people sink or swim on their own. No volunteering myself to help them out, no hovering. If they need help, they can ask or they can recruit their own "slave labor." I am done with doing it all. If they want to do something, I am going to let them be in charge of doing it.
I also resolve to judge people less and just let it go. (This is purely a selfish resolution because it keeps my stress level down.)
I also resolve to blog regularly. Not more posts, but a more regimented method. This two months of nothing, three months of everyday was hard but I appreciate the discipline. I will be better.
Tarzan and I resolve to visit the temple more often. We need the peace, support and blessings that comes from going on a regular basis.
It's a new year and hopefully a better one than we just ended.
Peace, prosperity and health for everyone!

This is me and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Renay H. Marquez said...

Glad to hear you are moving to a wonderful start to your new year. Best of luck to you both.

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