Saturday, December 29, 2012

Missing A Day

I'm not sure what happened to Thursday...
I only just realized that not only didn't I post that day, but I didn't even turn on my computer that day.
Tarzan and I slept a lot on Thursday. We've slept a lot every day. We've been using this week to recuperate from the rest of the year and especially December and I think we skipped a day.
Except for the missing a day so close to the end of my 90 streak, I don't know that anyone is bothered by the lapse.
Tomorrow we kind of have to get back to regular life - church and all - but then we have a few more days of rest and relaxation. Tarzan has until the 7th so he's not even thinking of the end of vacation yet.
I remember those days.
I wonder if there's a profession I could get into that let's me have the same vacation schedule that Tarzan gets but doesn't have me dealing with teenagers all day long?

This is me and it's been a nice couple of days.

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Cathie said...

Work at the district office?

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