Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drainage Matters

The down side to all this rain is that Stingy lives on a hill.
A very steep hill:
And in the manner of roads on steep hills, her street angles back and forth to allow the water to drain all the way to the sewer and not flood anyone's property:
My luck, or Stingy's, depending, being what it is, her driveway opens right where the water changes sides of the street:
So, when I stepped from the car today, it was into the wave of water washing down he hill. And it went right up, over my shoe, down into my socks. Both of them.
It was not good.
But it got a whole lot not better as the day went on.
First I walked the dog in my soggy socks. Then I went to work at Aunt Ritchie's and she has specific rules about no shoes in the house, but I couldn't walk around in my literally dripping socks, so I took them off too, but then my feet were super cold, so I wore the shoe covers she keeps to protect the carpet from service personnel.
That was marginally better.
The house boy noticed my socks dripping onto the garage floor and suggested they go in the dryer - but even by the time I left to go home they hadn't dried out enough - and my shoes were still sopping, so it's been a day.

This is me with - albeit warm - wet feet.

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Cathie said...

That's why I wear flip flops when it's raining, as much as possible. Either way my feet get wet, but at least with sandals they dry faster.

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