Friday, December 28, 2012


Tarzan and I saw Skyfall last night. The latest in the little franchise known as James Bond.
It was interesting.
Exciting, implausible, explosive and 007 as always.
And Daniel Craig gets to flaunt his pecs a few times which is never bad.
I fear I am too practical though, as I wondered throughout the flick, how many times can a person almost die before they really do?
And M got some back story finally which was cool.
I thought Q was adorable. I would totally crush on him if he was real.
Silva was a really creepy villain, but his demise was a tad anticlimactic.
And despite the continuous jokes about him aging, James sure managed to thwart hypothermia there at the end with no sweat.
In all, it was a fun romp. We had an empty theater, which was nice and it was a great date.

This is me and who names their kid after a vegetable?

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Cathie said...

I really enjoyed Skyfall. I thought there was more depth to it than any other Bond movie I'd ever seen. Which is admittedly few, because I dislike the way the franchise treats/views women. I thought that aspect was far less prominent in the Daniel Craig set (husband had me watch the other two. Quantum of Solace was meh.) There was a great theme of old ways versus new in Skyfall--perfect way to finish his set and start with a new Bond.

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