Monday, December 03, 2012

Via The Facebook

I do not love Facebook as a lot of people do. It's good for getting pictures to and from across the world and it's nice to catch up with old and new friends, but I guess the point is that I don't see every trend or cute picture that goes on because I don't visit that much.
And that's okay with me.
It also means that when I do see something good or appropriate, I find ever so much more interesting because I haven't seen 25 other things, equally as good or appropriate.
The short version is, when I signed on today I was met with a statement from RHM that perfectly captured my state of being these days. With her permission I quote it to you now:
"With great power comes ridiculous responsibilities."
Summed up the whole day in six words. I need to be that efficient and then I might not have the challenges I do.

This is me and it's so true.


Renay H. Marquez said...

To be fair, I was watching TV (Mike and Molly), and one of the characters said that. I though it was very profound and funny, both in and out of context.

Master P said...

Saith the RS prez. Ugh. True words, dagnabit.

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