Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust

After all the stress, worry and scheduling conflicts; the changing of songs and then changing back; after the nerves and the tears and the practice...
The Christmas Sacrament Program is all over and it went okay.
Surely not our most professional sounding work ever - we miss you Rocketgirl and PhatFiddle and your violins - but it was all local talent and everyone tried their very best.
Tarzan and I sang, which was a first for us, but the final number (ours was a male/female duet) blew everyone away so I never thought to ask if we sounded good or not.
Now ALL the obligations are done and I have one whole day before Christmas to finish my gift shopping and baking and thanking of people.
Some specific one I need to mention:
Seth - thank you for mastering that piece in 2 days so Brenda didn't have to play alone. You're my hero.
Leafy - thank you for coming from across town to play the hairy piano part and then being okay when they skipped ahead and missed part of it. Coolest accompanist EVER.
SuperMom - thank you for playing for half of the numbers and then singing for the other half. I would quit if not for you.

This is me and I wonder if these things are worth all the stress and trouble, OR would it be as good without the stress and trouble?

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Master P said...

We only have one pianist/organist and every song was on one or the other, so not only did she have to play every song - she had to hike across the podium every time. She eventually stopped putting her shoes back on. Thank heavens she got her hip replaced last year!!

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