Monday, April 06, 2009

This Week's Dancing

The dancing for this week. (Does anyone else think the changes this season are a little much? The dances that aren't ballroom, new orders, pushing the timing, and can we please make a decision on the lifts.)
  • I appreciated Chuck's efforts to be "more" with his Viennese - don't make me repeat the rant about how they do not do a real Viennese Waltz on this show - Waltz and I ended up liking it mostly. He did mess up the footwork in the middle there, but the emotion was better, and as we've learned, that can make all the difference.
  • I think Lawrence and Edyta got gypped on their music for the paso doble - don't make me rehash THAT one either - because it did get a lot better once the beat dropped. And I really liked Edyta's dress - it's rare that she wears what could be CALLED a dress - it was really pretty.
  • I thought for a moment that Shawn and Mark's Viennese Waltz would be a real one, but then they broke the hold and it was all over. It was lovely though. I love the stiff edging for the dresses that make them float. I want one like that.
  • While Melissa and Tony had GREAT music for their paso doble, I felt a little cheated because I expected more out of her. Melissa was kind of stiff, like she was trying TOO hard. Though the costumes tonight have been really great. The slight Indian influence for the music and costumes for this number was really cool.
  • Looks like I spoke too soon. Did not like David OR Kym's costumes for their Viennese Waltz. They also had weird music, but it could have been overcome...somehow.
  • I was expecting great things out of Gilles and Cheryl, with his passion and ability and her being the most awesome instructor. And let me just say, they did not disappoint. Oh. My. Gosh. That was the best paso doble I have EVER seen on this show. EVER. And the costumes and music were excellent again. The man even grew stubble for effect.
  • Steve-O and Lacey danced a Viennese Waltz that was not bad. He is a few weeks behind the rest of the group and thus will be eliminated soon, I believe, but it was better than the weirdness of weeks past. I think some of the fault lies with Lacey who does not bring out the best in her partners. If anything, she encourages their weaknesses.
  • Ty and Chelsie's paso doble was good but not great. I really thought he had the attitude right during the rehearsal but he was *too* tough in the show, like he was really fighting a bull, rather than just dancing like he was fighting a bull. I also think the choreography did not match the music and that might have led to some dissonance.
  • L'il Kim and Derek did a very lovely Viennese Waltz. I noticed her posture was not consistant and her heel leads are lacking, but it did look great. If only she wouldn't talk.

This is me, with another week of the DWTS.

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