Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fix Me

Today makes the fourth time in two years I have gone to see my doctor with a symptom he didn't have an answer for. Not that he didn't prescribe something for me, because they always have a pill or something, but he didn't know what was causing the issue and so couldn't say definitively, "this will fix you." That has got to be some sort of a record isn't it?
First was my chest, when I had that carrot stuck halfway down. Which cleared itself, so I suppose that was good.
Then about six months ago I was dizzy for a lot of the day, especially mornings and while Tarzan held his breath I went to see the doctor - we weren't pregnant - but he didn't know what it was. That also healed itself, but it was a mighty weird sensation while it lasted.
Last week was my ear; I had a dull roaring in my ear constantly. That also got better...I wonder if I need a doctor on call, who would just look at whatever is bugging me and then it would get better. How much would I have to pay for that do you think?
Now it's my thumb. With a different problem that's not trigger finger. And he doesn't know what to do about it.
Yes, I am that good.
And because I couldn't let it go without a mention, David Allen Grier got eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. Which was a little unexpected if you ask me. Steve-O is clearly the worst dancer on the show right now, but I think the viewers saved him because he did improve but the judges and scores did not reflect that.
Etta James was the musical guest and she was really excellent. Not that I would expect less. And La Reve was very Vegas.

This is me, a pile of issues.

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RHM said...

I'm on a new medication that leaves me tired, dizzy and emotional. My Co-workers have been asking too many personal questions...And frankly, if it is what they expect, I have bigger problems than being dizzy, being emotional and being tired.

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