Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dancing Lately

I keep forgetting which day it is since we got back, so I've been running a few steps behind. I did the post about the trip last night, not even remembering that DWTS was on right at the same time. So we can discuss the jive and rumba AND THEN go right into who got kicked off for their crappy dance and then all will be well. Aren't you glad I always have a Plan B?
  • I REALLY want Ty to do well but his jive was not as loose on the floor as it was in practice and it seemed like Chelsie was doing a lot more of the actual dancing than he was. It's a shame really. He's SO cute and SO nice and I want a cowboy of my own just like him.
  • Mark is so very funny when he teaches. He and Derek crack me up when they get silly in the rehearsal studio. Mark and Shawn's rumba though, was interesting. Shawn needs to work on her hip movement. It played a little awkward with Mark grinning like a fool and Shawn almost biting her lip in concentration. Not my favorite dance of hers but not stinky.
  • Lawrence and Edyta's jive was a relaxed jive, like he was grooving on a riverboat or something. His knees weren't high, and he didn't bounce much but his kicks were good. I feel bad for Edyta in this situation because she's been on this show EVERY SINGLE SEASON and has yet to win.
  • The rumba bugs me as a dance. It's so hard to figure out, even just watching it, and the hips sometimes move and sometimes not, and it's just...blwleaaah. Tony and Melissa's was not bad. She likes the floaty movements and airy lines and usually that works, but depending on the music the rumba should be a little more grounded, *I* think.
  • I really think that when Derek and L'il Kim were DOING the jive it was good, but there were a lot of unnecessary movements that were frenetic - is that a word? It was a faster jive than anyone else has done, which is good, but it didn't hit me exactly right.
  • I didn't hate Steve-O and Lacey's rumba, which totally surprised me - and Lacey's shoes were AWESOME. Though the hips were certainly not in the dance and Lacey did most of the actual dancing, it was oddly compelling as Carrie-Ann said.
  • Cheryl knows how to get her partners to relate the dance steps to something they already know in their real lives. It's amazing. And whatever Gilles said about not relating to the dance, it all went away before the performance. That was a SUPER fast song, some weird selections for the jive tonight, and even Cheryl's kicks were slowing down by the end of it, but I thought the musicality was excellent.
  • Chuck and Julianne's rumba was really great for a lot of it - he certainly didn't worry about the steps too much - and I did not like what Julianne was wearing. The lace leg things were weird. But the connection was certainly there, they were comfortable with each other, no doubt.

And regarding the results show; the number from West Side Story was good. I wonder if they left out the men for a specific reason or if that's the way it goes on stage. Rascal Flatts were cool - though if we want to talk about frantic, Julianne and Tony's dance seemed a little over the top. She almost got her head smacked a couple of times on the floor and then she surely hurt something on the way down from that jump. Who said that Carmen Electra could dance? I ALSO think the two-at-a-time business was the weirdest way to announce the couples that would be continuing on to next week.

This is me, trying to get caught up AGAIN. How often does this happen to me? Too often.

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