Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Why am I compelled to blog about DWTS every single week? It's not like my readers - all two of you - love you Rocketgirl and RHM! - watch the show and/or need to hear my puny opinion about what they can quite easily see on the TV anytime they want. So what makes me need to write about it? The show itself is beginning to annoy me and still, I have to create a post every week about the dancing. So here it is.
  • Gilles hair was AWESOME for Cheryl and his Lindy Hop. I begin to see what the judges mean about the frantic nature of his dances lately. There were some tense moments, hoping he would get the lift right, and seeing them get out of sync. Watching him get that Cortisone injection was super painful.
  • L'il Kim and Derek's Paso Doble was pretty awesome. It really had good musicality and the movements were sharp. The faces she was making were a lot weird but her dress was really gorgeous. She did not need to kiss all the judges though. That's just shameless pandering.
  • Chuck and Julianne's Cha-Cha was very good. She needs to wear more clothes - I know, I know, the guys don't think so, but it doesn't emphasize the movement like it's supposed to - and his hips are in and out of movement. They certainly do not have to worry about the fan vote though. Everyone LOVES them.
  • I thought Shawn and Mark's Samba was a little relaxed - it's usually a faster dance - but it was cute and I would say it was age appropriate. I disagree with Shawn though. I think Mark does an excellent job of portraying the girl's part.
  • I am really bummed about Melissa and Tony's Jive. Even Tony wasn't doing the movements full out because it was just a rehearsal on the footage we saw. Their outfits sure did not add anything to the routine either. It promised to be a really cute number too.
  • The back story for Ty and Chelsie is surely some of the funniest I have ever seen on this show. He is so dang cute. Their Salsa was highly entertaining. His hips were moving sometimes and sometimes not but his face was awesome. And Chelsie has chosen some great choreography for him. Len's comments were kind of mean I thought.
  • The group Mambo was amazing in so many ways. Lacey sure did an amazing job filling in for Melissa on two hours notice, the choreography was amazing, the solos were great and the costumes were insane. Totally insane. The audience surely will vote for those couples.
  • The group Tango was certainly more professional and far more precise. The pleather is a bit much. It was too bad about Kim's misstep but otherwise it was a very tight Tango. I wonder if it's because of Cheryl. She's always in the winning group.

The results show is less annoying, maybe because there is more professional dancing and less of Samantha Harris. The professional competition is extremely entertaining. It's a hard choice picking between Alec's brother and Mayo, who is 6'3", all limbs and so cute. I am always irritated by Sam's interviewing skills but cutting off Mayo just as we was about to answer the question she asked. Team Tango encored - of course - and it was better than the first time through. The "endorsements" were surely hilarious - I imagine Julianne and Chuck might be that cheesey in real life - and the Real Celebrity Dancers of Genius was really cute. So was Robin Thicke - who I have never heard of and mistakenly thought was Alan Thicke and was surprised that he was a Grammy winner - even though he can't sing particularly well. I was surprised that the audience sent Chuck and Julianne home after all that cuteness and cheese in rehearsals and dances. Plus, it's Julianne and they really love her.

This is me with my unaccounted for obsession.


Rocketgirl said...

Yes, I don't watch the show - or care, but if something happens and everyone is talking about it, I;ve been able to reference some comment you've made and people think I'm all knowledgeable. So, I don't care, but I appreciate you making me sound cool:)

Rocketgirl said...

I was just thinking I would totally watch the show if Tony Danza was on it - but he's a professional dancer, right? I mean, I've seen that man tap and it's cool, so he probably wouldn't be eligable?

RHM said...

I watch the show, but I don't have the insights you do. Granted at least you have a theme for your blog, I just have random blather that spills from my head. Attracks even less attention than yours. And by the by, the reason you thought "Alan Thicke" was because that's Robin Thicke's daddy.

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