Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Post

The irony of this blogging thing is that I have the most time to blog when there's very little action in my life. When the pace picks up the incidence of posts goes down. It's one of those inverse proportion things they taught us in high school. (Hey! I actually used some high school math!)
So just in case you were worried, or some archaeologist 10,000 years in the future is having a brain aneurysm about why there's a gap of five - 5! - days in this narrative that he can't account for, I shall summarize it for you - and him - or her.
Wednesday was spent in preparation for Thursday. I suppose I could have blogged about vacuuming with my very nice vacuum but you've heard that before, and no one really cares about what cleanser I use for the kitchen sink. There was also some grocery shopping. Hoo-ah. (Additionally, this was only the first of the days I didn't post so the sense of urgency just wasn't there.)
Thursday was insane. There was the usual craziness of volunteering at the food bank/cannery in the East Jungle; people who don't come when their appointment is for, or come without one, or want things we don't have. I have a much greater respect for those who work in retail. I'm giving them FREE food and they can be kind of mean. Imagine if they had to pay for it. I didn't get out of there on time so I was a little late getting home, which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but THIS week Tarzan was having the Academic Decathlon team over for dinner precursor to their awards ceremony at the downtown Convention Center. I had "volunteered" to make dinner and help shuttle kids down - and then back to their homes - from the shin-dig. So, prepping the ingredients, actually making the dish - Tarzan's favorite, Mandarin Orange Chicken - and then being all hostess-y for these smart but very urban teenagers. I think I am officially a fogey now; as in old fogey. I couldn't understand half of what they were saying when they talked to each other - they were very polite to me - the kid's slang these days is totally foreign. We ate and chatted a little and then they played Trivial Pursuit for a bit until it was time to leave. They do like Tarzan though. It's almost like he's one of them. Well, an older, more mature one of them; a less crude and profane one of them. They respect him in an urban, ghetto kind of way. The only down side of the evening was the length of the awards ceremony. On a school night the thing lasted nearly three hours - and then we had to get the kids all home again. I don't know about them but I was exhausted by the time we made it to bed.
On Friday I was late getting started and it was raining really hard. I don't ever remember the rain pounding like it did as I was driving over to have lunch with Cogent. Then it stopped suddenly and the sun came out for the rest of the day. Weather is so weird. I had a bunch of errands in the afternoon - getting my mom's vacuum repaired, and ultimately replaced so I could take it out to them Saturday.
Because he would be working and I was going to be out of town, Tarzan and I had a pre-Valentine's dinner at - you can probably guess - The Melting Pot. I thought it might be too decadent to go again so soon but the man was insistent. And I have to say, it was, as always, impressive. For dessert we were daring enough to order the Cherries Jubilee fondue, which they set on fire at your table. I thought their other desserts were good. But. Oh. My. Gosh. Was that the most fabulous thing I have ever eaten? I think so.
Yesterday was, of course, Valentine's Day but rather than spending the day catering to Tarzan's every wish I was out in The Desert helping my youngest brother with a school project. It seemed a little odd for a health class to assign a multi-media project but whatever. So we shot some videos and edited out a cute little All-About-Me sort of thing. It did take some time though. I left here shortly after 8am, got there at 10, left there shortly after 8pm and got home around 10. Poor Tarzan. He had to work, fetch ATL for laundry night AND feed himself. It's a good thing Monday is a holiday. I can make up for his spending Valentine's Day alone.
Today - Sunday - which is always a busy day, was quite calm in comparison. Thank goodness.
So that's what I've been doing - not too exciting really. What can I say?

This is me, with the update.


Elizabeth said...

Ha, I saw your post and decided I needed to wait until I had time so that I could really read your post.

I like your posts. They are interesting, humorous, and they make me think...:)

Can you believe it, I have never been to the Melting Pot. I feel like I have been there though, because I keep reading others posts on their experiences fact I have to remind myself that I haven't been there when people start talking about the restaurant...I have a tendency to be like my Grandfather, where I turn other peoples stories into my own...:)

RHM said...

Glad you got some fun in there. At least someone I know is having fun.

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