Monday, February 16, 2009

Best Shopping Trip Ever

In honor of it being a holiday and all, Tarzan didn't have to go to school. And seeing how we kinda missed Valentine's Day we spent the whole day together, hanging out. The office chairs we've been using weren't new to begin with - when one of my offices got new, prettier ones the staff got to claim any of the old chairs for their homes - and they've gotten older since. Tarzan, in particular, has recently tried out an Aeron chair, fell in love and decided we needed to get new seating for our desks.
Best. Shopping. Trip. Ever.
Because IKEA is the greatest store ever - and because we had a gift card - we started there. This is the new desk chair:
It's a little tall for me, I feel like there's someone behind me all the time, so it will be the chair at Tarzan's desk but the best part is we paid less than half price for it! And the starting price was 10% of the Aeron chair, so yay! Elated from that purchase we ventured out for lunch at Fuddruckers, which was one of our favorite places when we were in college. Good times.
After lunch we wondered through the adjacent mall, remembering - passed the pool parlor we frequented before they raised the age limit - and in one of the department stores we saw a really awesome dress. Tarzan had commented on the...age, shall we say...of the great dresses in my wardrobe. Now I don't usually buy dresses at the mall, because, they are WAY overpriced, BUT, as luck would have it, we had a gift card for the store it was in and this fabulous dress, hits me in all the right places, was bought for $7 dollars. SEVEN people, seven dollars. And it's red. The dress is red. So awesome. I need to find shoes to match but I know what I want, I just have to find the store that makes them.
THEN, because the day was not awesome enough, we browsed a $1 book store, stopped at Coldstone Creamery, because we had a coupon, and - some funky thing with said coupon - we got the ice cream for free!
Awesomest day. Just me and Tarzan, shopping, great deals, good food, awesome new dress, and did I mention that we were together ALL DAY? No other responsibilities, no time table. I think the last day we did that, was...our honeymoon? And we were sick then, so that doesn't count really.

This is me with the best day ever!

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