Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hair's The Problem

A-ha-ha-ha, I kill myself. But remember that part about me not being able to tell a joke? Here we are.
But in a different vein, I have a problem for which I need much help from the talented peeps in the Internet. What am I going to do about my hair? I tried to get it all fancy for the wedding two weeks ago and we all know how that turned out. So I've been playing with the hot rollers and the hairspray to see what comes out and this is the first thing that I can actually show you that looks like anything:
There are a lot of little wisps that I have to learn to tame - obvi - but what do you think of the concept? Here's the right side:
It came out a little better don't you think? The problem I have is how to deal with the front. I have a weird hairline with a widow's peak - which makes it hard to have bangs, sad because I feel that would help me a great deal - and a cow lick so if I brush my hair the wrong way it looks like a huge bald spot on one side of my head. Awesome:
I think I look kind of like Princess Leia in that one. It makes it hard to find a facial concept that looks decent. This next one is a great close up of my ear, and it suggests the subtle shades of color in my hair - also where the highlights are growing out:
And is the problem really, as I have always suspected, just my face? Do I need a new face Internet?:

This is me, with hair issues.
P.S. Tarzan's opinion is that I need more uniform curls and a method to the madness, ie. a way to make the curls look like they are artlessly thrown together without them actually being artlessly thrown together. Problem is I can't see behind my own head so how do I handle that?


Elizabeth said...

You need to come out to Atlanta to visit Rocketgirl on a weekend when I conveniently happen to come visit her so I can play with your hair...

RHM said...

Tarzan's answer: such a guy answer...But then again, I know even less than he does, sadly I cannot help you. Perhaps curling all around and then brushing out the curls (which seems counter-intuitive) might work. Either way: You look like you. You look good.

Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

Okay, so have you consider side-bangs, with them brushed to the side that "works", that could work, based on the photgraphic evidence I see! I'm kinda digging your hair, but what if you put it in a pont tail and then pinned the curls around,could produce the more artlessly thrown together look you're going for.

Rocketgirl said...

Okay I think you look super cute. And I think your face is flipping adorable. I think the hair is soooo cute, all it needs is the whispies attended to. You need to get Tarzan or one of the cats to grab a curling iron and curl the strays around just to give them a tad more universal look, then spray the rap outta it. :)

Phat Fiddle said...

Curling hair is like browning meat. You let it sit until it's just right. Believe me, I know.

Anonymous said...

I second the Atlanta vote...and timed with a Bama Liz visit. Can you dig it...Reva sandwiched between her two fave Lizies.

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