Monday, September 22, 2008

Stealth Is Our Middle Name

While I LOVE that I got tagged and included in the meme thing - someone actually wants to hear my self absorbed ramblings - I don't know if I should link back to the tagger to show appreciation. I love her. I would love to meet her in Real Life. She's really cool and fun and practical. My kind of person. And I know how we all want validation for our blogs. Most of us do not have thousands of faithful readers, so we really, really, really want the lurkers to post once in a while. Red letter days for me are posts with more than three comments. Then I know I wrote a good piece. I think I've done it twice. So I want to post the link and maybe have some of my readers go and read her blog too.
But here's my deal.
It's all about the stealth. One of the things I loved most when I started reading blogs was the code names people thought up for themselves and their families. What a genius idea, thought I. Fun, cute, interesting AND it provided some moniker of protection in The Real World. I was so excited that our Internet identities came together so nicely. Tarzan, Jane, The Jungle. My smart readers can probably figure out the basics, and of course family knows all the details, but I enjoy the idea that random viewers don't know who we are and come back for the sake of the content, not because they know us. Is that stupid and self absorbed? Snickollet managed it for years, until she got so famous there were articles online and in real papers that outed her. Since I have nothing profound to say and blog because I write better than I speak and spend a large amount of my day on the computer, I doubt we will become famous.
Am I obsessing over unnecessary things? Maybe people don't actually follow the links in a blog entry, and I am being silly about this. What's the likelihood our "cover" will be blown if I link to the tagger's blog?

This is me obsessing, and yes the meme will come tomorrow.


Keah and Michael O'Hearon said...

Okay, I totally took your name out of the blog and just left you as Jane, so if you want to link me you can, but I am totally okay if you don't too! Hope this helps you feel better!

Rocketgirl said...

Yes, you ARE obsessing over unnecessary things - and I'm tickled it's not me for once:) I started onebrickshy for a number of reasons, but mostly because I wanted to be more anonomyous that I had been. Now, post about DWTS because I actually saw 2 dances last night and I'll actually know what you are talking about!

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