Friday, September 05, 2008

Greenwaste Disposal Facility

::Onesome: Greenwaste-- containers: we're using full sized 'toters' (those cans the trunks can automatically dump); are you using anything special in your city? Does anyplace in the US still let you burn leaves in the Autumn?

  • If we wanted to buy a green bucket for the truck to dump we could. As is evidenced by our front yard, we don't do any trimming or yard care ANYway, so what's to collect? The thing I am most excited about right now - though it's not really greenwaste - is The Jungle is offering to collect kitchen scraps in a pail for composting. I think we might just use it for our compost but use their pail. It's nicer than the ones we use.
::Twosome: Disposal-- systems for electronics: out here in CaliLand you just can't 'dump' the old computer or stereo with the trash; they need to go to an 'electronics recycling center'. Do have anything like that where you are?
  • We most definitely do. There are facilities that take items, there are drop off places to leave items. Stuff like that. It's handy. They're trying to make it easy to recycle.

::Threesome: Facility--, facilitate, faculty, faculties... Do you ever get any of those a little mixed up? Just curious...

  • I suppose I do, when speaking, but not when writing. I like to write for that specific reason. The ability to edit. and spellcheck. Awesome.

This is me, considering disposing of some items now.

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Rocketgirl said...

You know what gets me? Kirsten, Crystal, Krista, Kirsten, Kirstie. I can't remember the difference between any of them!

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