Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In Which We Almost Got Something For Nothing

So we drove out to The Desert on Sunday after church to spend the holiday with my parents. Despite all the stress of finding and moving into the house, it's a nice place. Full A/C (thank goodness - it's The DESERT for crying out loud) pool, lots of room for people and horses. It's nice. Really nice.
Lots of food, lots of hanging out. It was mostly relaxing which is what one wants the day before back-to-school madness. (Tarzan was pretty exhausted today when he got home.)
In reference to the title of this post however, we did do one errand. Monday morning we went to Home Depot to get the propane tank refilled. We stood in the Returns line, as I was told we should, and the girl asked if we had paid already and I said "yes, this is a refill." She called some dude to come and exchange the tanks and he offered to put it in the car for us. (Young man hefting heavy things for ladies; it's a cheap thrill but no one gets hurt.) He did so and bid us a good day. Didn't ask for a receipt or proof of purchase or anything.
Now, if we were not honest, upstanding members of the community, we could have driven off right then and not paid for the refill. But we are not. So we went back in and told the girl. She did not seem at all concerned about it. No thanking us for being honest, or making a joke or nothing. Just "okay, that'll be $20."

This is me, not as special as I thought I was.

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