Thursday, September 04, 2008

Half Asleep

What is it about my dreams that make me sure my cats are distressed? (And WHY can't I find the previous entry I wrote about thinking my cat was dead?) I woke from a dream I don't remember sometime last night convinced that I had rolled on Speck, who was sleeping by my nose, making his rear legs paralyzed and I would have to carry him around for the rest of his life. He didn't seem too distressed by this but the illusion was compacted by the fact that the cat was nearly under my face, he was sound asleep and not inclined to move until I prodded him so I could breathe. Not amused by this he jumped down and ran away to sleep on someone less neurotic.
Maybe it's that the cats always sleep ON me and so my dreams are in some way connected to them. That's probably it.

This is me, with the weird that is my normal.

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