Friday, September 19, 2008

Loss Of Connectivity

::Onesome: Loss-- of appetite? Have you ever been invited to an event where the food just was too terrible to even pretend to like? What was your solution? ...I mean, besides holding out for a burger on the way home!
  • I can't say that has ever happened to me - usually there is something I can stomach (a cast iron one is what I have) but if that were to be the case...I think it would depend on the situation. At a person's house I would pretend to eat it - and pretend to be full really soon. If at a function, then not eat and get out as soon as possible. Otherwise...never visit that restaurant again.

::Twosome: of-- the last three days, we've lost Net access in Central CaliLand most of the time. I'm thinking it has to do with the lack of a State budget out here. Do you have long periods of disconnect where you are?

  • Not that I have noticed. I can aimlessly read blogs and search random queries with little or no effort or impediment. And I think they have fixed the budget now? No? Hopefully it gets done soon.

::Threesome: Connectivity:--, addiction or necessity? Is the Net essential to your daily activities (yes, work counts!)? ...or would you even notice if someone cut the wire?

  • I think I would definitely miss the Internet if it wasn't there, but I have been known to go whole days (gasp!) without using it so it's certainly possible. But I wouldn't like to have it happen regularly.

This is me, with a total random comment: Alan Rickman was HOT as a young man. (Die Hard on TV in the background.)

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Rocketgirl said...

Huh?? Alan Rickman is a SMOKIN' old guy. Did you see him in Sense and Sensibility?? Rowr!!

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