Monday, November 23, 2015

Reflections On The Ninth Year

Sooooo, apparently I'm batting 1,000 this weekend. Two days in a row and nothing on the blog.
I blame meetings.
Saturday was all clear until Tarzan's cousin, Stingy called and asked if we could change our dinner, which was scheduled for Sunday, to that night.
Sure, we could.
And we did, but it threw off my schedule and we didn't get home until late and I forgot.
Then yesterday, instead of dinner, I had a Presidency meeting after church - which went WAY too long - so we didn't get home until late and both Tarzan and Cheetah needed to eat and the latter needed to go to bed.
So anyway, here I am.
And let's see what I was talking about on Saturday...
Oh yes, my blog-aversary. Nine years writing here. Is it just me or does the popularity of blogging seem to have waned? Not that I ever had a large following but some others did and it appears to be shrinking.
I wonder if Twitter is stealing the readers or do people just not care about other's lives?
I need to up my readership, so if any of you have friends who blog, and are still blogging, let me know and I will add them to my list.
I "know" some really cool people through blogging.
So my last year of posting has been pitiful and, as I usually do, I am promising to write more. It might end up being a lot of Cheetah photos but dang it, my yearly post total will rise again!!

This is me, trying to get back on track.
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Cathie said...

I think you're right that blogging is waning. There's a professional blogger I read whose income from ads has dropped enough that she's got an Amazon affiliate link that she's asking readers to use. I think posting regularly is definitely key to keeping readers; I know I'm trying to be post more. You could always just set a few days, like post Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Renay H. Marquez said...

Well, I'm still blogging. Mostly for the company (with no ads I might add!-- a purposeful choice). I have a few blogs brewing for personal ones. And stay tuned because I'm going to finally get back to my professional blog about writing. Because writing 1 blog back in the day wasn't enough.

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