Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Of Those Days

After a day of church where the Primary President doesn't show up, meaning I have to do her job as well as mine and Singing Time, then speak in sacrament, manage the almost-1 year old (!!!), get home, pack the car and get on the road for the two hour drive to my parent's house for Cheetah's day-before-his-birthday party (!!!) guess whose car blows a tire 15 minutes before we exit the freeway to Nana's?
That would be ours.
After my sister came, from my parent's house, to fetch Cheetah and I from the car while Tarzan waited for the AAA guy to come we sat down two hours late to dinner and waited for Tarzan to return from the (finally) profitable hunt for a tire store somewhere in the middle of nowhere to have cake and open presents we left for home with barely enough time to make the two hour return trip, unpack the car and a totally zonked Cheetah, brush our teeth, type this post and fall into bed, barely making the deadline for it to still count for Sunday.

This is me and we have some crazy adventures.

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