Monday, November 16, 2015

Cheetah The First Year

Dear Cheetah,
Congratulations on making it through an entire year of the crazy life we live here in the Jungle.
It's amazing to think how much you've grown in such a short amount of time. (I'm your mother, expect me to say that a lot.)
Because you won't remember when you were only 8lbs 5ozs, and 21" long:
But I do.
And to see you now, 27lbs and 32" long, starting to walk and talk, expressing your opinion:
Is a major accomplishment. You're working so hard to grow up and I'm proud and sad at the same time. I've loved this last year. I'll miss the time we spent and the places we went. I look forward to new times and places.
And then there is your head.
That has always been big. Off the charts big.
Nana says it's all your brains. I hope so because goodness knows we've asked a lot of you already; Daddy being bishop and all, shifting schedules, sudden appointments, insane neighbors, tiny house, no heat or air conditioning. But you deal with it all cheerfully and willing to submit to whatever we dish out:
And there will be more to do and adjust to as you grow up and go out into the world. Be strong and continue to be happy:
We are here to help you, teach you, serve you, challenge you, encourage you, comfort you, love you.
It is a joy and a privilege to be here on your journey little baby. (Yes, you'll keep growing, you'll get bigger than me, and it'll exasperate you to no end, but you'll always be my little baby.)
Happy 1st Birthday Cheetah!
I love you.

This is me, your mom.

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Cathie said...

What a big boy! P was 27 pounds at her two year appointment!

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