Thursday, November 19, 2015

Summer Adventure #4

Here's something I started composing back in July and then never finished.
The summer has been beautiful.
For the first time in fourteen years Tarzan was excited for vacation and didn't spend the whole time bemoaning being away from school.
Obviously it's due to this face:
And even though Cheetah's very young and won't remember any of it, we have had a few adventures. This particular one though, I hope will last a lifetime.
We enrolled Cheetah in a "swimming" class this summer:
Keep in mind he can't stand, can barely sit and doesn't always have control of his arms, so to call it swimming is a little ambitious. One of us held him the whole time and just moved him through the water:
But it was fun and at home when we sing the song;
"I'm going fishing, fishing, fishing
And I'm wishing, wishing, wishing
For a splashing (or kicking, spinning, jumping or bubble) fish!"
Then he smiles and gets all excited.
The splashing is his favorite part and he really likes it when *we* blow the bubbles.
P.S. We've continued swimming weekly after his class ended and he still likes it. Obviously he's more comfortable now and as he learns to maneuver his body it's even more exciting.

This is me wishing for some more summer.

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