Sunday, November 08, 2015

Every Day Brave

One of the Sunday morning traditions Tarzan and I loved from when we were young is listening to Music and the Spoken Word. (I swear Lloyd Newell has been the voice of the show forever, though according to the link it's only been 25 years. Who did we hear before that?)
This morning was a special broadcast for Veteran's Day, dedicated to the service men and women who have fought for the liberties we enjoy.
One of the songs sung was called 'Because of the Brave.'
And the chorus is "...we are the land of the free, because of the brave."
The choir - of course - has a lovely, full sound and the sentiment is very moving. It got me to thinking beyond the physical borders. This land is blessed by Heavenly Father because of covenants made with righteous people who lived here long ago. Possession of and ability to live in America is granted to those who keep those covenants.
We who live now are responsible for maintaining those promises if we want the protection and blessings to continue.
It won't be because of the military personnel that freedom fails.
It's the simple, everyday bravery of all the people that will keep America free.
The bravery to choose the right and keep the commandments of God.
To keep the Sabbath Day holy, to vote, to be kind, to read the scriptures, to share, to honor the sanctity of marriage, to be honest, to not be greedy and covetous, to love one another.
It is our every day behavior - and bravery - that is the hinge of freedom in this land.

This is me and I need to be braver.

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Master P said...

This is so perfectly said I can't even. So beautiful. Kudos, and thank you :)

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