Thursday, November 20, 2014


Question: those of you who have nursed, bottle-fed or otherwise nourished your children when they were infants - bonus if you also wear corrective lenses - did you get a blinding headache between your eyes when feeding your child and/or a tension ache across your back, between your shoulder blades?
If so, what did you do to alleviate it?
If not, do you have any suggestions?
On the plus side, I pooped for the first time since Cheeta was born, so I assume I'm going to live. 

This is me and my forehead hurts a little.


Master P said...

Ugh! I can't remember a headache. Is your posture or angle messing with you somehow? I do remember my back hurting a lot, so I had to remember to prop the baby up with a pillow - usually a Boppy - so I wouldn't tweak it. At least the view makes it worth it!

And congrats on the poo!! That's a huge deal!!

Danielle said...

I don't remember a headache either, although I'm not sure I would since I was terribly faithful about taking the pain meds they gave me?? Plus Monkey Bug was born tongue-tied, which led to intense nipple pain that would have drowned-out any other pain I was feeling during nursing, I think. I do remember the breastfeeding lady recommending lounging back while feeding as much as possible. And Boppys are awesome, I second that... I also had an eye appointment for new glasses about 6 weeks before giving birth and they did warn me that all the changes in blood volume and weirdness in your body can sometimes affect your prescription so maybe ask your optometrist? I don't know! I'm not much help. :( But yay for pooping!!

Cathie said...

I didn't get headaches, although nursing definitely messed with my back. I didn't like the Boppy at all; I ended up with a king size pillow across my lap, and then blankets wedged under my arm so I could get things juuuust right.

My eye doctor said that the lack of sleep was hurting my eyes. I needed more (any) REM sleep or something? I don't remember the first few months very clearly. I think that is by design. :-/

Hope the poo went okay--my first poo is like my 'Nam story. I literally have never and won't ever talk about it.

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