Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's A Goober All Right

One of the things I love best about our government system is the word 'gubernatorial.' It just sounds so silly compared to 'presidential' or 'dictatorial'. And I'm hearing it a lot right now with the elections coming up next month. In The Jungle we are choosing a Governor, a State Attorney General, some council people, there are Props here and Props there, here a Prop, there a Prop, everywhere a Prop Prop. And the mud, she is a flyin'. Each of the major sides is convinced - according to the advertisements at least - that their opponent is Satan. In some cases they might be right but my question is this; what about all the other people on the ballot for Governor?
Let's hear it for the Green Party! Or the All-American party. Or anything else really. Why do we comply with this two party system? I've said it before, I can't see that there is much to applaud on either the Democrat or Republican sides right now. All the candidates say the same thing and no one actually follows through on making the changes that were promised. Or at the very least making a situation different. Is it strictly money for the campaigns that keeps someone other than red or blue from winning?
Because I am a fan of the grass roots movement. Not always what the groups stand for - I would NOT have been at Woodstock - but the way a few determined people can change an attitude or a decision. It's what all the great movies are about. One person, or a few, changing the world.
I want to change the world and I'm going to start with choosing an 'alternative' candidate for Governor this time around. And maybe for all the other slots too. Just to mix it up and see if we can't fix the unholy mess we seem to be in.

This is me and let's get us a good goober.

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Cathie said...

I agree that gubernatorial is the greatest politics-related word around.

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