Friday, October 29, 2010

Date Night at Ralph's

With our busy schedules it is increasingly difficult for us to find together time. Its a really weird sensation when you are busy fulfilling work, church and family responsibilities that are emotionally rewarding, yet at the same time feel isolated from your spouse whom you haven't spoken with in what seems forever.
Last night Jane and I decided to make time and went food shopping together before picking up ATL. It sounds funny but our visit to the grocery store felt very much like a date! We had some time to talk and took a couple turns around the rutabagas if you know what I mean. Grocery shopping has never been so relaxing.


Jane said...

It's the little things honey. Thanks for coming.

Anonymous said...

Costco if my man's date of choice.

Anonymous said...

This is the best thing i have ever read... i thought my wife and i were the only people that felt this way. our preference is Pep Boys.

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