Friday, October 29, 2010

Marathon Week - Part Two

Thursday of this week can be henceforth known as the day I bailed out of nearly everything I had to do. I went to school of course, and took ATL to work but I didn't go to the food bank and I didn't go to the evening activity, which was a group of women from church discussing alternatives to store bought cleaners and how to raise children frugally.
Instead Tarzan and I went to the grocery store.
It was a much needed break.
And we bought an awful lot of little pumpkins.
Because today was the Halloween party at church. With the holiday falling on a Sunday this year we are trying to encourage the children to get all their candy gathering in early and then keep the Sabbath day holy. It's a battle I have small doubts of winning but where there's life there's hope.
We took food - it was a potluck event also - and wore our costumes of course, though I don't know that we knew exactly what we were supposed to be. Maybe we shouldn't have planned them while directing twenty teenagers angry at their parents, the world and themselves how to behave in public. It's a thought for next year.
With the addition of the pumpkins, markers, glue, paper and tape we set up a pumpkin decorating station at the party. There was food, games, dancing, two contests and about forty kids running screaming through the building and for once I didn't have to tell them to not so it was a tad relaxing. Until they got their candy from the trunk-or-treat out in the parking lot and then the sugar set in but we were on our way out by then so again, not my worry.
It does take a lot of energy to be part of one of those things though. I always come home just wiped out.

This is me and thank goodness October comes only once a year.

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