Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marathon Week - Part One

I debated for a rather long time about whether to include Sunday's events because they aren't so different from usual. Early morning meetings, church - those this week was the Primary Presentation, where instead of the adults speaking and singing during sacrament meeting it was the kids. This doesn't sound overly stressful but as the president of the Primary it's a lot of "ssh, keep your feet to yourself," and "Johnny, psst, Johnny, it's your turn" and worrying if the parents can see their kid around my big head and which parts can I get away with skipping because the kid didn't come - plus the usual lessons and scheduling and then after Tarzan has tithing we come home to eat dinner only to turn around and go back for a fireside, hosted by our youth but helped out by Tarzan on the piano and with refreshments and what have you.
Monday kind of gets a pass because it was a regular day, fetching ATL to and from work, school in the afternoon and errands prepping for the rest of the week. I didn't have an activity in the evening so it feels a little like I am extending the marathon metaphor for dramatic effect.
Or to increase my whining capacity.
This is not even the half of it, I kid you not.
So I include Sunday and Monday in the insanity.
Tuesday was a cub scout pack meeting but not just a pack meeting, a potluck pack meeting. So in addition to school and the usual, I had to make some macaroni and cheese. When I told Tarzan that's what I was taking he got all excited - he loves macaroni and cheese - and I discovered that for the first time EVER in my life I made just enough for one casserole. So I had to make another batch so that there would be some left for Tarzan.
Then it was off to the event which turned out rather well, in no small part I believe, to the appearance of the firemen guest speakers who also brought their engine which the boys were allowed to touch and climb on. I get stressed when things are left in my hands since I still don't always feel like a grown-up and that's what happened Tuesday night. One of the co-hosting persons fell at work and twisted something vital so she wasn't there and the other person had to leave early so I was in charge of dispersing leftovers and making sure things were clean in the kitchen.
Then today was another whirlwind, only more so. Tarzan's father, MusicMan, came to town for a clinic or convention or something and so I got to pick him up from the airport and take him to Tarzan's school where he wanted to spend the day. Then it was home to do some cleaning so he wouldn't take back to my mother-in-law what a disaster of a housekeeper I am, then back to school for sixth period then home again to gather all the things for the demonstration/open house at the food bank where I still volunteer every Thursday. Completely unnecessarily I dragged both Tarzan and MusicMan to this event. Last time we had one of these we were inundated with guests and there was not enough man power to handle them all in a pleasing manner so I took my own help this time, only to have about a quarter of the guests and no need. We went out to eat afterwards and now we are all ready to pass out from exhaustion.
I am such a good hostess.

This is me and the week's only half over. Oy.

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Anonymous said...

When it comes to housekeeping anything, Music Man has serious muscular degeneration. We can all rest easy.

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