Monday, October 11, 2010

Ode To My First Niece

When I saw Rocketgirl's post about Sunshine's birthday party I started to hypervenilate a little bit because I thought I had missed my chance and then I started counting days, thinking I might have lost a few - it's been known to happen - and then - because it had not occurred to me before that point - I went to check the calendar and inhaled again. Today is Sunshine's birthday which means I am not late with the ode to her. She turned four (4!) this year and I haven't done an ode to her previously because, well, she was three, but since she has her own Facebook page now I can only assume she also reads her aunt's blog and she might as well read something about herself to keep interested.
Sunshine is extremely happy, bright and focused. There is no distracting of her when she has a question and no end of the brilliance that flows from her. My favorite anecdote is one where, knowing her father's propensity for allergies, asked if Daddy was allergic to penguins. When Daddy said he was not she then asked if they could have one for a pet. Awesome analytical thinking. Nobel Prize here she comes.
She's also gorgeous and fun and though this picture is mostly of me, it reflects her ability to make the most of any situation:
This is me, hoping her mother will forgive me the adopting of her nickname, wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sunshine!


Rocketgirl said...

She loved this post!! And then she started begging for a penguin again, thanks a lot. ;)

Elizabeth said...

LOL, a penguin...that's awesome...Happy Birthday Sunshine!

(Hey, what is her name on Facebook, I wants to be friends with her!)

Mara said...

Hey, this place seems familiar =)

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