Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Only Met The Man Twice (Weird#9)

It started out as a bad dream, with our house being burgled in the night by an unknown. Tarzan and I were trying to hide so he wouldn't find us. Then it was day and the guy robbing us was my boss's friend and roommate (who still has a roommate at 76 years of age?) and he was very jovial about it-not scary at all. He had a U-Haul truck pulled up in the alley and was helping himself. We didn't actually see him take anything, though we heard him talking to his assistant about our deep freezer (we don't have a deep freezer), because the police were talking to us about the guy from the night before. Tarzan had to go to work, so he took my car and I took his (why, I'm sure I don't know), which was a little yellow convertible, (apparently I can drive a manual transmission because that's what it was), and I followed my boss's friend to what appeared to be our house in a different location. I finally talked to MBsF and we agreed he would put everything back if he was allowed to come and use it whenever he needed and we would stock bologna for him (?!) Then I woke up.
Where do I get this stuff?

This is me weirded out.

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