Monday, February 19, 2007


How was my weekend you ask? Despite the lame party we went to Friday night, early morning meetings and the huge fight I had with Tarzan - it was infinitely better than coming in to work this morning.

Bleah, I'm grouchy today.

Perhaps it's because Tarzan (yes, we made up last night) is at home in the nice warm bed listening to the rain fall, reading, watching TV and relaxing while I am at work on a holiday, to do a lot of work in very little time for not much pay, getting yelled at in absentia by clients (who are NOT working today BTW) so I can say "thank you sir, may I have another" and redo the project because the client didn't listen to our office in the first place while the guy behind me curses at himself ALL DAY LONG while tapping his feet and/or fingers constantly and whistling intermittently. (That would be MC yes it would - do you think I could plea out with justifiable homicide? If he hates himself as much as his cursing suggests why doesn't he just take the entire bottle of sleeping pills and end it all?)

Yeah. I think that might be the reason.

This is me wishing I were home today.

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Rocketgirl said...

Good golly, I'm so sorry! I have a whole bunch of hugs for you, but the Brasilian postal service bits, so it'll have to wait a little bit. You tell that husband of yours that he is giving you a foot massage tonight, and it is NOT over until you SAY it is over!! I'm looking at your liberation clock as hard as you are!! Much smooochas!!

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