Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day 2007

If you were to ask Tarzan, he would say you are crazy ("ylaargh no!-all that mushy hearts and flowers stuff is for girls, I'm a man and men don't do that!" for example, accompanied by a full body shiver) but he really is a romantic guy. Infinitely more romantic than I. Which is not to say that he is not a husband-husband as well.

***Insert my mother's explanation of men: There are two kinds of husbands, boyfriend-husbands, and husband-husbands. A boyfriend-husband is a romantic guy but he isn't really practical. He doesn't plan and then live within a budget, he doesn't want kids, he tries out many jobs, searching for himself. This guy buys expansive (and often expensive) presents for birthdays and Valentine's Day and anniversaries. A husband-husband is a guy who gets a good job and works hard at it, his intent being to provide for his family. He wants kids and he wants a helpmate in his spouse, not a party girl or a trophy wife. He can seem boring but he will get further in life and in eternity. This guy doesn't make a statement on 'important' days because every day is important to him. He loves you (the wife) everyday and doesn't need the calendar to tell him when or what to say.
Now before you freak out over sexism and all that "old fashioned" nonsense, most guys aren't solely one type but a mixture of both. The moral being pick the one that is the best balance for you.
There are girlfriend-wives and wife-wives too, but my mom was talking to my sisters and I at the time. And now back to your regularly intended blog***

The point being that on the surface Tarzan shuns all thoughts of demonstrative behaviors: "let's not do anything big this year for Valentine's Day, just a card or something small" but underneath he's as gooey as a caramel left too long in the sun. "Nothing big" turned out to be roses yesterday and a card and chocolates left on the seat of my car this morning. (I, of course, took him at his word and got a card and the fixings for Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes. Small, understated...)

This is me undeserving.

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darling24_7 said...

Isnt it great when they do that? :)

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