Saturday, July 11, 2015

Summer Adventure #3

The last weekend of June we traveled to Salt Lake City for the wedding of a friend of Tarzan's family.
It was Cheetah's first time on a plane and other than the eternal taxiing of the aircraft that caused him to finish nursing before we actually took off, I feel he weathered it well:
And despite his screaming for the first third of the flight waiting for his ears to pop, once he had adjusted, he charmed everyone, including the flight attendants and gossiping college girls sitting behind us.
The wedding was on Saturday but we left the Jungle Thursday night to spend some time with Tarzan's brother Phatfiddle, Liezel and their family on Friday.
We met in the morning for some play time and catching up. (It's been a while since we've seen them.)
**I must apologize for my distinct lack of photos on this trip. I was intently focused on Cheetah having a positive experience and making sure he slept, which he does not like to do when there is new stuff to see. And this whole trip had a lotta new.**
We stopped for lunch on our way to a local farm/petting zoo and sadly for Cheetah, Daddy was not sharing his hamburger:
No matter how long and hard he stared:

Liezel and Phatfiddle's children are almost 5 and 3 so while Cheetah was a novelty at the farm, he was not much good for playing:
He was slightly interested in the geese:
But no one looked as cute in their hat as this kid:
I am *so very* thankful that Cheetah sleeps well at night because he doesn't nap well during the day, even when we're home and it's boring. He did sleep good Friday night which was excellent as Saturday was the day and it was both lovely and busy.
The happy couple:
At the wedding luncheon our family contingent took up an entire table:
The food was very picturesque:
(And, thanks to Gamma, Cheetah got to try roasted red peppers and pistachios that day. (There was a romesco sauce on the chicken.) Mommy was mean and drew the line at the chocolate pudding.)
He also ate his own food:
But all eating stopped when Uncle Phatfiddle pulled out the violin:
During the actual wedding, Mommy and Cheetah hung around outside and despite all the cool sites to see:
Cheetah got bored - it was a Saturday in June after all, so the temple was a little backed up, but we amused ourselves as best we could:
Cheetah discovered that Gamma wears a lot of really cool adornments:
And she's always good for a cuddle:
There was a reception following the wedding but Tarzan - being bishop - needed to be back for early morning meetings on Sunday so we dashed off to the airport to catch our flight:
Cheetah was exhausted, so he slept most of the way home and didn't even wake up when I moved him from the car seat to his bed.

This is me and it was a big adventure.


Master P said...

You lucky ducks!!! I could eat up all these pics with a spoon - especially the last one!! And Gamma's accessories are soooo the best baby toys.

Renay H. Marquez said...

That must have been so amazing for Cheeta. Other being denied "new tastes", he seemed to be having a great time.

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