Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weird Dream #39

I have to wonder if some of my dreaming near waking - thus enabling me to remember my dreams - comes from the amount of sleep I am getting. When I was working full time with long hours I didn't dream as much as I did when not. Then, since I started at Aunt Richie's house I haven't had as many weird dreams and few that I remember completely.
But I had one this morning.
I was back at school - where I haven't been in over eleven years - the same school as my brother - who is 12 years younger than me and away on a mission right now - and I was taking some random "out of the box" kind of class where we were looking for irregular solutions to problems - kind of like in Ender's Game - only in a medieval kind of setting, sand and castles and horses, rather than space. The class was taught by Matthew Morrison - now starring as Mr. Schuester on Glee and the teacher's assistant was Ashley Fink, also from Glee. I was sharing a dorm room with a girl named Ava - who came to the first class and then we never saw her again but on the day of the test - after doing an exercise where we had to tie things together with a rope that was too short - I heard my mother calling me from down the hall and I had to run to my room to get a pencil, only to find my father sitting on my bed putting his shoes on and saying my roommate was evicting me because I was never in the room, all the while David Blue - from Stargate Universe - was sitting at the piano in the corner of my room trying to play a song he'd heard. (He actually reminded me a lot of a boyfriend from high school, who WAS a talented pianist.)
Then I woke up.
I'm not sure if I should be concerned with the amount of television I watch or be impressed with my recall skills...

This is me maybe wishing I lived where they write my lines for me?

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Elizabeth said...

Nice dream...I really don't think that I've had a good memorable dream in a while...need to get on that..

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