Thursday, October 13, 2011

USC vs Cal

It is very odd to be playing on a Thursday evening. Our team is out of favor with the TV gods because of the sanctions and new coach and young team and all that, so they aren't giving us good slots to play in. Plus the other team's field is being renovated so we had to borrow from a third team and they wanted to play on Saturday or something. Whatever.
It wasn't a bad game - we won - but it wasn't as much due to our team as it was to theirs. We intercepted the ball 4 times. That's a lot.
USC: 30
Cal: 9
As a side note, the pretzels with caramel were a random and excellent combination.

This is me and it's a sad day when the refreshments are more exciting than the game.


Master P said...

The refreshments are always the main event for me :)

RHM said...

The only correct thing to say is: Fight On!

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