Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ode To A Fabulous Chick

I'm a little nervous to try an ode now...Rocketgirl posted this yesterday - and it actually rhymes, with iambic pentameter and EVERYTHING. I don't know if what I do can be called an ode. Maybe a tribute is better?

Here we go then, a tribute to Rocketgirl, my first sister-in-law and a very fabulous person. Beauty, brains, talent, gorgeous, genius children, a great house and a killer personality. She's charming and fearless and I wish I could be more like her.

For your viewing pleasure:

I get to hang out with her regularly. It's amazing.

This is me and she's as awesome and fun as she looks.


Elizabeth said...

She's as awesome and fun as she looks times 10! Love it. Loved her 'owe'd' ode to you as well. Rather creative.

Master P said...

1. I have no idea what iambic pentameter is. I just read the kids a LOT of Dr. Seuss.

2. AWWWWW!!!! No, YOU'RE fabulous!!!

3. I did the math and I think the last time we saw each other was Phatfiddle's wedding?? If this is true, it is WRONG on all levels.

4. Love you too!!!!!!!!!

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