Monday, October 03, 2011

Ode To The MIL

Her birthday is not for two months but her thoughtfulness and sweetness deserves an ode right now.
There are a lot of jokes about mothers-in-law, especially regarding the relationship between the wife and his mother, but Tarzan's mom does not embody the stereotype at all, at all. No resentment for "taking her firstborn," no judgements on my housekeeping - or lack thereof. She has welcomed me into the family and never looked back. She takes an interest in my likes and dislikes, she tries to accommodate my needs - more than Tarzan in some cases - and be helpful. I am very thankful for her and her talents, she has helped me out of a tight spot a number of times and two things in particular in the last week need to be shared.
I got a call from Gamma earlier this weekend inviting me to a performance of Wicked this holiday season when she -and it - is in town. Awesome! On so many levels. She remembered that I love the show, is coming to me to see it and thought to invite me.
Then, she called today to let me know she, Tarzan's father and assorted other family will be in town over Christmas to assist with family matters - two cousins are getting married - not to each other you weird people, but the same week - and house stuff. She did not call to tell me that though. She called to offer everyone's talents and services for the Christmas program in our ward which I am in charge of each year. (Partially because I'm the only one who wants to spend the time harassing everyone into rehearsals.) The first Christmas we were in the ward - nine or so years ago - Tarzan's family helped with the program - Christmas was a Sunday that year too - and it was lovely. I've had people ask me every year since if they are coming back to play again, and this year I can say YES! YES! They are. It's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. They will come and it will be awesome. I am so grateful that she remembered and is so thoughtful to spend the time with us in a ward with people they don't even know when they could be elsewhere with Tarzan's other uncles and cousins.
And that's just been this week.

This is me, thinking that THANK YOU GAMMA! is woefully inadequate.


Dr. Data said...


Looking forward to hosting Rhys and you one day longer now at Thanksgiving, viting LA in December at Wicked, attendidng Kelly's wedding and at Joan' Christmas Eve party plus providing special music with Rosanme and Roslyn at sacrament meeting and at NAMM in January observing Rhys teaching all day, visiting the Getty museums and dinner at Joan'.

Keep up the good work on your blog.

Till next time here in Denver at Thanksgiving.

Love ya,

Papa Bear

Master P said...

Is it weird that my first thought was "I need to move to LA STAT so mom will take ME to Wicked!!" and then I thought that wasn't the point :) Here's to MILs who don't fit the nasty stereotype and are wonderful, and DILs who don't fit the crazy stereotype and are fabulous! Suuperdeduper post that made my heart super happy, thank you :) !!

Anonymous said...

yup. she's never been less than fab forever. oober spunk, energy and happies. & super post from a marvy DIL.
and sorry I don't know how to sign in on anything other than Anonymee. but this is skigal sending you thanks and appreciations

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