Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween In My Car

And there was no chocolate. So it's not the good kind of Halloween.
I kid you not, it was just like one of those cheesy horror movies.
I left work late and because it's October the light was already fading. I was discussing dinner and weekend scheduling with Tarzan on the phone - brand new hands-free earphones and microphone in place - as I came down the side of the hills and right into a bank of fog. The wind was blowing and things were scratching, the lights from on-coming cars were glowing. The sun went down and it got super dark just as my earphone fell out, another call came in and traffic got extra congested. Somehow I put Tarzan on hold, answered the other call, made the left hand turn, started a text message to I don't know who and didn't get in an accident.
Don't ask me how.
These iPhones (yes, I got an iPhone for my birthday! That's a whole other post.) are not as stupid-proof as they claim to be. It is possible to butt-dial from an iPhone.
So, rather than tempt fate any more, I pulled over to cancel the text, hang up on the telemarketer, finish Tarzan's call and turn my lights on. Just as a dude knocked on my window and scared me out of my mind. He wanted to know if I wanted him to repair the paint on my bumper.
I said no, I liked it that way. He then got all rude and I left.
I drove the rest of the way home without further incident, other than it being 7:30 before I got there.

This is me and the only thing that kept it from being a real horror flick was that I was totally clothed the entire time.


Elizabeth said...

Wow girl...congrats on the iphone, I hope to aspire to one as soon as I can figure out a way to make Sprint recognize that they really should replace my phone via my insurance policy since it really sucks...thinking about running over it accidentally...

Very interesting ride home...loved your response to the car painter...

Anonymous said...

You are precious cargo...pleeeease take great care of your marvelous self.

Mara said...

I want an iPhone too!!

Master P said...

We shall not speak of this thin - the iphone. Because I am still oh so incredibly bitter about Wisconsin and cell phone coverage and such. ANywho, that DOES sound terrifying! I submit your last sentence as a top 10 quote, by the way!!!

ATL said...

I just discovered your Top 10 quotes and I'm tracking down all the posts...Too funny!! Do I remember this night?

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