Friday, October 28, 2011

On The Bulletin Board For Sure

Tonight was our ward Halloween party. It was planned sort of last minute because *I* didn't want to be in charge of it - October is a hard month for me; every single year there is SO. MUCH. STUFF. PLANNED. - but a delegation of parents came to me two weeks ago - I'm the Primary President remember - and begged me to have party so their kids would stop begging them about when it was going to be.

(Between school parties, stake parties and the actual Trick-or-Treating I figured they'd be good. I love me some chocolate no question, but how much candy do kids need?)

So a party date was set, decorations purchased, refreshments brought. We thought it'd be easier to have just desserts - because there wasn't enough sugar going around - AND other than the costume contest, the raffle - which was planned and executed by someone else and I didn't understand the purpose of it - and the trunk-or-treating we had only one game. It's one of Tarzan's favorites and I have to bless him for planning, buying and running it.

(Working at Aunt Richie's makes it so I can't get anywhere anymore. The party was half over by the time I got there. Thankfully it was a half day for Tarzan's school or he wouldn't have made it either.)

Anyway, it's the donut-on-a-string contest if you haven't heard of it. Sort of like bobbing for apples, but a lot less heavy and messy. Anywhere from 2 to 100 people can be lined up - it all depends on the strength of your string and distance to cover - the donut is tied at mouth height-ish and then whoever eats their donut first wins. No hands allowed but all else is legal:

The missionaries really like this game:

These pictures are from my iPhone so they aren't what I'm used to but it conveys the spirit of the evening I think:

For the first time possibly ever - I was coming straight from work - I did not dress up for the party. And because I usually have to make Tarzan do it, he didn't either, so no fun pictures of us.

Maybe next year, if October doesn't try and kill me again.

This is me and only three days left.


Anonymous said...

Was Tarzan in costume? You perhaps?

Master P said...

I totally remember that activity!! But I was way too short to try. Good for Tarzan! I'm with you, I wouldn't have thrown it unless prodded too :)

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