Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ode To My Laptop

I think my computer hates me.
For the second time this year I was puttering along with my Internet pages when out of no where comes the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.
What have I ever done to deserve this from you, lovely, shiny, blue, machine? I have loved and cared fro you for two years. I bought you an air conditioning system - something *I* don't even have. I wash your screen and keyboard everyday so you are nice and clean. I run the update thingy on a regular basis and I don't dawdle when online so the viruses can't sneak in. I haven't installed any software since the last BCoD. Why are you having convulsions?
Apparently this time I need to replace the hard drive AND ALSO upgrade to Windows 7. You may have heard that Vista has flaws and is irritating and,'s true. Hopefully those upgrades will end of all this silliness. If not there will be words had with Dell, Microsoft and Samsung. (They make the hard drive.)
Many thanks to ATL for the lend of her laptop so's I could keep you updated.
We are out of town for the long weekend so...with spotty Internet coverage AND a laptop that hates me it might be a while before I get anything up here.

This is me with my not-a-happy-camper face.


Elizabeth said...

You will love Windows 7. I've had this laptop since October, and it's pretty much amazing...there is no waiting period for your computer to warm up, it just pops right up...I am sorry about the BSoD though...NOT fun...

Rocketgirl said...

Heehee, I love the air conditioning comment :) I get the blue screen ALL THE TIME. Jerk blue screen. Why would my pretty red lapytopy hate me so?!?!

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