Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Can Fit You In Sometime Around 2012

I am pretty sure it was only a few days ago when I welcomed the fall, how is that every single Saturday is booked from now until 2011?
Plus an awful lot of weeknights too.

This is me and oh yeah, we have termites.

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Lucile Lynch said...

Oh my! Termites? How did you go about it? Termites are annoying little buggers, aren’t they? So where was the infestation? The last time we had termites, we found out a little bit too late that they were in our furniture. When the exterminator came, he suggested that the next time we find termites in our furniture, we can always bring them outside during a hot sunny day. Termites thrive in the dark, so putting them under direct sunlight will definitely weed them out.

Lucile Lynch

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