Sunday, September 12, 2010

Isn't It Kinda Fun?

We went to the county fair yesterday, which was pretty monumental I discovered, as neither Tarzan nor ATL had ever been to a county, state or other type of fair. The last one I visited was in The Frozen North when I was nine. So we were really excited to ride some rides, see the exhibits and eat deep fried stuff. Of which there was plenty to choose from: First we had "real food" from the Chuckwagon; Tarzan going for the complete brisket plate: That meat was really very good. I was far more impressed with his than my own. ATL had the 'big' doggie:
And she ate it all:I paced myself with the BBQ sandwich:Because the deep fried Snickers bar was on the way:Tarzan got his anxiously sought after funnel cake:And there were smoothies had by all:I'm not sure how I felt about the farm exhibits being sponsored by McDonald's but the animals were cute:Impressive:And funny:All at the same time. This goat had some horn issues going on:Everyone we saw laughed and told the same joke outside the miniature piglet pen:(So miniature we can't see them.)
When we needed to sit down we wandered over to the racetrack and watched a couple of horse races:Interspersed with dachshund races because watching those little short legs churn in the deep dirt is amusing. The horses were so much more exciting to watch live than on television. I even called the winner in the last race.
The garden house was gorgeous:We rode the Ferris Wheel naturally:And took this photo just for BHB:My favorite part of the day was the Lumberjack Show in which two guys - clearly college students earning money for school - dressed like the Brawny paper towel man, competed in lumberjack sports for our applause and amusement. There was Mike - our teams's lumberjack:And Sam, the other guy:And despite the dialogue being, well, scripted, I was greatly amused at the log rolling:
The tree climbing:
Pretty much all of it:

This is me and that was a good outing.


Cathie said...

Wow, that looks way more fun than the Utah state fair!

Rocketgirl said...

You have completely ruined my day. A deep fried White Castle burger exists and I have no access to it?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? So. Jealous.

Anonymous said...

All that at a COUNTY Fair?! Schucks, most State Fairs lack such luster. Must be a mighty hefty county.
L.A.County Fair?
Orange County Fair?
San Bernardino County Fair?
Is there even such a thing as a California State Fair?
In any case, looks like a super fine county fair.

Elizabeth said...

Making me miss the New Mexico State Fair that is going on right now...

McD's sponsoring the animal exhibits...LOL!!!

And were those multi colored roses for real or not? I am not trying to be the blond that I am, but those were kinda real looking from where I am sitting...

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